"Real solutions are achievable, it is not rocket science"

Sayed Khedr

Independent for Banks 2013

Most families living in Banks electoral are facing one or more of the following problems:

  • Increase of living costs;
  • Shortage of rental properties;
  • Paying unreasonable high rent;
  • paying high interest on mortgage;
  • Unemployment, insecurity of jobs;
  • Struggling for the survival of their business.

Does anyone care about those families? I do.

What about working families?

Independent for Banks - NSW

I will work hard for you, please contact me on banks@sayed.com.au

My name is Sayed Khedr, I'm a lawyer, a family man, my family struggles as most Australian working families with the increase of living cost.

I decided to contest the federal election with a determination to help the struggling working families due to the fact that no one seems to care. Our politicians say that they care, but they are doing nothing about our concerns.

Working families are the pillars of the economy and deserve a full support of the government rather than neglect.

My campaign is about solving the housing crisis, supporting local businesses, creating jobs and improving the economy. The asylum seeker's issues that causes me most concern are the reuniting of families and protecting genuine refugees.

Average Working families should be the priority of Government.

Australians needs action NOT talk

Your vote is the key for a better future for your family.