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Current crucial problems concerns Australian families:- 

1-    Housing crisis.

2-   Poor Economic performance, i.e.;

-     Reduction in Manufacturing Industries.

-     Slow retail industry.

-     Instability in Livestock and Agriculture industries. 

3-   People smugglers and asylum seekers issue.

1- Housing Crisis Solution: 

Create a National Housing Scheme for working families:

The scheme will solve housing crisis and provide an affordable housing solution.

·        A Federal National Scheme will aim to build and offer affordable houses for working families. 

·        Use and promote Australian made products in the project.

·         The project will be an initiative to balance the housing market, assist working families and to financially stimulate the economy knowing that that money will be circulated within our own economy.

·     The working families will pay for the houses by fixed, reasonable installments in proportion with their income. (The project is not a giveaway spree. It is a real solution and stimulus project, combined.)

The hard working families deserve a reward for their role in the society rather than being taken for granted and hammered by the continuous increase in the cost of living. Whether families are renting or paying off a house, they are under strenuous financial pressure. This is caused by the shortage of rental
properties and unreasonably high rents together with harsh conditions in most mortgage agreements.

How it works?

·        Government will fund the project by a government grant to be distributed proportionately with each state's needs. That is, the higher the cost of housing in that state the greater funds will be allocated to that state.

·        The number of houses/units will be determined by a national register which families will use to express their interest in the scheme subject to a certain criteria.

·        Working Families will pay a reasonable installment over certain no. of years without being under strenuous financial pressure. 

·        That reasonable amount will be determined subject to the average national wage. For example, it should be equal or less than 50% of the main income of the family in order for the family to survive without financial hardship.

·        No impact on bank’s business; because those families are not prospective clients, the government will help working families, simply because there is no chance for them to save for a deposit and afford a mortgage repayment under present circumstances.

·        Where the funding will come from? From government project revenue streams similar to the National Broadband Network.

The result of a National Housing Scheme will be:

·        Ease the continuous financial pressure on working families.

·        Improve the welfare of struggling working families.

·        Revive the manufacturing sector and promote Australian made products.

·        Revive the retail industry.

·        Revive the building industry.

·        Save Australian jobs and create more jobs for Australians rather than shifting jobs overseas.

·        AND Most importantly, it will promote a happier and more harmonious community.

That is a real solution to the housing crisis and real stimulus project not a waste of time and money as we have seen in recent years.

2- Solution for poor economic performance:

Create a national scheme for duty free industrial areas for EXPORT purposes only:

·        Utilize and capitalize on our strength in Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Agriculture and fresh produce industries.

·        Create a national scheme for duty free industrial areas for EXPORT purposes only which will facilitate trading channels and provide support for Australian producers in each industry by inviting local and foreign investors to get involve setting up manufacturing lines for various Australian products for export. 

How it works?

·        Government will allocate each industrial area subject to the strength of the relevant industries in each state.

·        No harm to existing local businesses; the new industrial areas will be for EXPORT purposes only. 

·        Attracting local & foreign investors from certain countries to establish manufacturing lines to export back to    their countries.

·        Tenders in Australia and overseas to select investors subject to their financial strength and the manufacturing lines required in each industry.

·        The foreign investors likely to have a better position to promote and sell products in their market.

·        Incentives to attract investors.
The duty free industrial area scheme will:

·        Revive industries such as beef, poultry, sheep and fresh produce. Promote the export of Australian products.

·        Provide a solution and alternative to the live stock export problem.

·        Create jobs in constructions industry to build the industrial areas.

·        Create jobs in manufacturing. 

·        Create jobs in transport industry.

The mining boom is already slowing down. We need to create/ strengthen viable and sustainable export markets.

3- People smugglers and asylum seekers issue:

We must address the following:- 

·        Promote the reuniting of families. 

·        Identify areas of skilled worker shortages.

·        Deter people smugglers by strictly adhering to the list of those waiting in camps who have done the right thing.

Proposed Solution:

·        A practical solution to tackle the problem at its source rather than wait until it arrives to our shore.

·        Helping genuine refugees at their homeland, i.e. provide information, accept application and process it accordingly.  

The Solution may involve:-

·       Diplomatic effort.

·       Policy modification.

·       Educational effort.

1- Diplomatic effort;

•       Bilateral arrangements with Malaysia and Indonesia regarding the entry of those people into Malaysia and Indonesia. At present, most boat arrivals are people from various parts of the world who have flown to Indonesia. We can work with the Indonesian Government to ensure they screen genuine tourists as opposed to those intending to get on a boat.

•        In return, educational and other assistance may be provided to Malaysia and Indonesia. ( I have this idea since 2011 before Kevin Rudd recently negotiated similar arrangements with Indonesia) 

2- Policy modification;

·        Establishing refugee processing centres attached to the Australian Embassy in Malaysia, Indonesia and those countries where asylum seekers are coming from.

·        A refugee must apply at any Australian refugee centre abroad before entering Australia.

·        We may add the above requirement into Immigrations Act. 

3- Educational;

·        An educational campaign to run in Malaysia and Indonesia to outline the risk of the boats, announce the new refugee processing centres in each country and encourage genuine refugees to those centres. There must be deterrence to those wanting to “push in” in front of those who have done the right thing.

Making a Decision.   

·        A genuine refugee applicant will be granted a visa at the Australian refugee centre overseas.

·        Non-genuine applicants will be rejected and refuse entry and if they arrive on boats will be deported to apply at any overseas refugee centre according to the Australian law. (Get-in-line policy)

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